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What we do

What We Do

We work across Latin America and the Caribbean to improve the lives of the most deprived children in the region. Our regional priorities are adolescents, migrant and displaced children, and children affected by violence.

Our child protection work focuses on strengthening national and local child protection systems. Many children are forced to migrate to new communities due to violence and conflict. When children are on the move, we make sure those children are safe, and work to strengthen cross-border and regional mechanisms to protect the rights of these children.

We are also responding to the Venezuela migration crisis with programmes that are supporting children and their families who have fled to Colombia and Peru. These programmes provide safe spaces and education for children as well as sexual and reproductive health services and cash transfers to help Venezuelan children and their families to rebuild their lives.

Our education work targets both formal and community-based education. We train teachers and community volunteers to provide them with the necessary skillset, work with authorities on local capacity building and provide education materials to the children most in need.

To ensure that children and their mothers have access to basic health services, we train community health workers to provide primary care, strengthen health authorities’ capacities and provide sexual and reproductive health services to the most vulnerable. We also run nutrition programmes for children from rural communities most prone to malnutrition.

Save the Children in Latin American and the Caribbean currently implements programmes in the following areas: