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Civil Society Strengthening Programme

Save the Children’s Civil Society Strengthening Program (PASC for its Spanish acronym) in Latin America seeks to strengthen civil society organizations so that they can demand and support the fulfillment of children’s rights, holding states to account and mobilizing and empowering children and their communities.

The strengthening of partner organizations is based on their needs and priorities to ensure their sustainability. Our work to advocate for and expand Civic Space aims to strengthen civil society as a whole.

The program has a regional scope, and the strength of the program is given by the joint advocacy and co-created programming among the partners. It is an intergenerational program where children and adolescents work hand in hand with adults and are the protagonists of the program.

PASC is Save the Children’s model program for localization and Shifting Power through equitable partnerships, flexible funding and capacity strengthening.

Learn more about the Civil Society Strengthening Programme here