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We want Panama to be a country where children and adolescents are guaranteed the right to live in a family and grow up free from violence. To achieve this, Save the Children, with the support of the European Union, has launched the project: "PANAMA PROTECTORA”  

This project aims to enhance the capacities of government institutions and Panamanian civil society to guarantee the rights of children under alternative and institutional care.

Together with state institutions, civil society organizations, and children and adolescents, we will advance towards implementing alternative care modalities and a comprehensive protection system in Panama. 

With this intervention we seek to:

  • Accompany and enhance the capacities of more than 100 representatives of Panamanian child rights organizations.
  • Provide tools to 3 institutional care centres (shelters) and 30 workers to move towards alternative care models.
  • Accompany and promote institutional efforts for the implementation of a roadmap for the transition to an alternative care system based on family and community.
  • Promote effective participation of more than 100 organized children and adolescents.
  • Raise awareness and mobilize public opinion in favour of child protection.