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Safe back to School

For the first time in history, an entire generation has seen their education interrupted, with the poorest and most vulnerable children being the most affected. COVID-19 has shown the enormous digital divide in the world, which has not allowed children to continue learning.

We know from our experience that the longer children are out of school, the more likely they will not resume their studies, which is why we have taken action to ensure a safe return to school.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, we created and distributed educational materials in literacy, numeracy, arts, and socio-emotional management so children could continue studying from home during school closures. We also informed the community (including teachers, families, and children) about preventing COVID-19 while distributing hygiene kits. In Colombia, we have implemented temporary learning spaces in informal settlements so that children can continue studying.

In 2021, we implemented the Save Our Education campaign, together with children and adolescents. In addition, we provided spaces for discussion with global, regional, and local authorities to express their experiences during the pandemic.

Organisations like ours have joined forces but it is vital that governments ensure that all children, especially the most vulnerable, are supported to return to school when it is safe to do so. This will ensure that they do not fall behind and their return to spaces where they are protected from violence and abuse.