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18 December 2020 - News

The LAC RMD Coalition calls on the States to reaffirm their commitment to the rights of migrant populations in LAC

On #InternationalMigrantsDay, the LAC-RMD coalition asks the Latin American States to:
1. Review their migration policies and strengthen the response according to migrants' needs and concerns.
2. Prioritize actions related to protection, health - including sexual and reproductive health - food security, shelter, integration, education, prevention and response to gender-based violence and psychosocial support.
3. Guarantee the active, substantial and binding participation of civil society in coordination and decision-making spaces.
4. Guarantee that migrants can access asylum or migratory alternatives that do not violate their rights.
5. In the context of COVID-19, promote the protection of all the inhabitants of their territory, guaranteeing health services, protection and social assistance without discrimination, and integrate migrants in economic reactivation measures.
The Coalition is committed to continuing working with States for the well-being and integrity of migrants.

Read the entire call here