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2 November 2021 - News and Save the Children launch #UnoPuntoCincoGrados campaign developed by adolescents to raise awareness about the environmental crisis and climate change

Ahead of the next COP26 International Forum, and Save the Children are presenting a campaign to raise awareness about the climate crisis. This initiative was created within the framework of a digital activism workshop in which more than 70 adolescents from Latin America participated.

Through a song that lasts 1.5 minutes, with trap and rap music, 16-bit visual codes of the world, online games, wallpapers and filters, adolescents want to demonstrate that the climate crisis is not a game.

November 2021 - Last August, humanity received a red alert about its responsibility for global warming, according to a report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change) that will be key in the discussions of the next United Nations Conference for Climate Change (COP 26). During the meeting, which will take place between October 31 and November 12 in Glasgow, Scotland, it will be decided how to intensify efforts in the face of the urgent need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In this framework, it is urgent to promote that adolescents are agents of change and participate in decision-making processes on the climate crisis. For this, the Digital Communication and Activism Program, carried out jointly by Save the Children and the Civil Association, focuses on providing communication tools to boys and girls in Latin America so that they can make a committed and responsible use of the ecosystem. digital.

The final result of the 2021 project is the regional campaign #UnoPuntoCincoGrados (#OnePointFiveDegrees) whose main product is a song that lasts 1.5 minutes, and more than 15 pieces in different media and formats to raise awareness and make more adolescents echo and be part of the change.

The campaign mixes visual codes from the 16-bit world with sounds and music from trap and rap, and seeks to demonstrate that the climate crisis is not a game. This campaign was carried out by more than seventy adolescents from the program with the collaboration of the Wild Fi communication agency.

Why is 1.5 so important? Because 1.5 degrees Celsius is the maximum temperature increase so that the planet does not reach a catastrophic situation. This limit figure was established in 2015 in the Paris Agreement, signed by 195 countries of the United Nations. The objective of the campaign is to highlight this number and raise awareness that actions to combat the climate crisis must be taken urgently.

 “Adolescents ARE the present and THEY ARE the future”, affirms Marcela Czarny, director of, and expresses: “That is why it is the population that is most committed to raising awareness and taking the necessary action”.

Victoria Ward, Save the Children's Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, commented: “COP 26 is one of the last opportunities to control the climate emergency. The authorities must take urgent measures and recognize children as agents of change when addressing the climate and environmental crisis, respecting and promoting their meaningful participation in decision-making spaces”.

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