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2 December 2021 - News

Save the Children and La Libertad authorities join efforts for the benefit of children

Both institutions presented their initiatives in the northeastern macro-region and committed to implement joint actions.

To consolidate actions for the benefit of children and families in the northeastern macro-region, Save the Children and the Regional Government of La Libertad committed to collaborating with projects and initiatives that will impact the intervention regions, prioritizing La Libertad region to strengthen these programs.

That was done during the dialogue in Trujillo between the regional director of Save the Children in Latin America and the Caribbean, Victoria Ward, the country director of Save the Children in Peru, Veronica Valdivieso, the regional governor, Manuel Llempén, and other officials from both institutions.

“It is a blessing that you are here, for all that I know you do. We look forward to your support to reinforce the work we are doing to deepen changes. We have review everything that was being done to reduce gaps, but support is needed to deepen and consolidate these changes," said Llempén, after greeting the participants and recounting progress.

Save the Children emphasized the sectors that are prioritize for the organization in the region, such as poverty reduction, promotion of livelihoods, nutrition, health, protection, education, and disaster risk management and climate change.

“We are focusing on addressing the effects of covid-19 on health and especially on education. In La Libertad, we work on disaster risk management and preparations for climate change,” said Victoria Ward. Likewise, Verónica Valdivieso emphasized the possibility of collaborating on socio-emotional training for teachers to safe back to schools, investment in childhood, monitoring of policies and promotion of children's participation. “As you mentioned, the citizen should always be the focus of our concerns, we want to ensure that that citizen includes children and adolescents," she emphasized.

Save the Children in La Libertad

Save the Children has intervened and continues to carry out different projects in La Libertad region. In 2017, as a result of the damage caused by the El Niño Costero Phenomenon in the north, a humanitarian response was provided, attending to the emergency in the affected regions, including La Libertad. In addition, disaster risk management projects have been developed from 2018 to 2020 to consolidate learning and mitigate risks in the regions of Piura, Lambayeque and La Libertad. Likewise, from July 2019 to March 2021, work was carried out on the Inclusive disaster risk management project in association with Humanity & Inclusión, whose field work was carried out in La Libertad.

Currently, Save the Children is committed to develop joint actions for the well-being of children, through its projects to attend to migrant children and the educational crisis. Overmore, the project Strengthening Disaster Risk Management of the Northeast Macroregional Mancommunity of Peru, with the support of BHA/USAID, aims to strengthen the capacities of communities and governments to reduce risks and mitigate impacts, as well as increase community participation to reduce vulnerability. Save the Children estimates that more than 33,700 people will benefit from this intervention