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7 July 2023 - Story

Children's Week of Action - Generation Hope Campaign

"Respecting nature means protecting the lives of present and future generations" said Ronal at the event held in Quiché during the "Week of Action" organized by the Guatemala offices "Generation Hope" campaign implementation team.   

Generation Hope is a global campaign led by children and adolescents calling for urgent action on climate and inequality. Climate change is a threat to the children of Latin America and the Caribbean. The region is known for being prone to suffering climate change ranging from prolonged droughts, extreme heat waves, cyclones and even heavy rainfall. These affectations heavy influences children, indigenous communities, and afro descendant communities in many negative ways.  

4 out of every 10 people in Latin America and the Caribbean have been identified to be gravely affected by food insecurity. Climate change prolongs the global hunger crisis due to the direct effects of events such as droughts and extreme rainfall. Currently, there are 13 million people facing hunger. There are great levels of inequality amongst the countries in the region, with a high increase in social insecurity, especially in health and education. 

To raise awareness about ensuring that children and adolescents live in a healthy environment – the #Children'sWeekofAction was held June 5-12, 2023. It served as an the first step in encouraging dialogue between children and adolescents who are looking to raise their voice against climate change. Children and adolescents looking to amplify their urgent demands and voice their concerns to their national leaders. This year, we had children and adolescents taking part from 3 countries in the region. 

They are looking to create significant action and build a world in which economic and socio-political systems are designed specifically to meet the rights of children. This event serves as a precursor to the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be held on September 19-20, 2023, in New York, United States of America. 

Hundreds of children and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean have joined the Generation Hope campaign, seeking to increase their participation in decisions that affect them and simultaneously encouraging a safe space for peer-to-peer encounters.  

Children and adolescents in Colombia led actions and campaigns aimed at reducing the effects of climate change. This exchange opened the doors for Latin American children to make known their demands related to the protection and care of the environment.   

Peru - provided a space for children and adolescents from Lima and migrants to raise their voices through art. The result was presented in an event involving Peruvian children, indigenous organizations, public officials from the environmental sector, as well as officials of culture, women, and populations. 

Xiomara, a young representative of the Consultative Council of Children and Adolescents (CCONNA) asked for more visibility towards the diversity of children in Peru. "The climate crisis, economy, food, physical health, mental health, all of these problems seem distant but are prevalent in our country."  

The children and adolescents of Latin America have proven to be the true agents of change, Save the Children will continue working so that their voices are heard and taken into account. 

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